A Fade That Works Well With a Pompadour and Growing Your Hair Out

—Josh Lawson

The same barber you've seen cutting hair is now in the chair getting his hair cut! His barber today is Josh Young and they're going to do a fade and side part. Charlie asks for a mid-skin fade with a side part. He likes to have a little bit of weight on the sides and slick it back into a pompadour. Josh starts by wetting the hair and running through it with a comb to establish the part. It'll be a little rough at first, but it's mainly so he can clipper the sides later.

They've established the look Charlie wants, so now they just need to take the sides in super tight and take some weight out of the part. Josh starts off the cut by going in with a 0 right around the temple. He does this to the middle of the back of the neck, then switches to the other side and repeats the process. Some guys go all the way around but finds it easier to do half and half. A fade brush is helpful when doing shorter haircuts, as it's much softer to brush away the excess hair. Sometimes you'll be doing a fade and be wondering why you keep having to go over a section, and it's just the excess hair that you already got.

Josh uses the 0 guard under the line he just put in to get rid of the hair and flicks at the line to start the process of the fade. Then he moves on the foils to make the cut super tight and, once again, flicks out near the line he's already got. Rather than going straight up, he tilts it slightly sideways to get a closer cut. Then he goes in with a 2 guard to take some of the weight away and flicks away near the side part. Everything under that will be done with clippers, but the part above will be done with scissors.

After going through with a 1 and a 1.5 Josh can still see a line there, so he takes a 0.5 and flicks at the line to do the final part of the blend and make it all look seamless. He brushes off and little hairs that have stuck to the skin, so he can have a clean slate for the next part of the cut.

Josh combs Charlie's hair into the style he wants, and sections off the side weight. Then takes a scissor over comb to feather the area while also leaving a bit of the weight. He pointcuts along the line of hair that overhangs to give Charlie the chance to wear different styles. He also pointcuts the fringe to get rid of any dead hair and promote more hair growth. Cross-check is next to make sure the cut is even and can be worn multiple different ways.

He grabs the thinning shears and feathers through the different sections. He combs through it to find where the weight is and uses the shears there. He then goes front to back to make the hair on top a little thinner and lighter. After that, he blow drys the cut to create a ton of volume while saving the shape of the cut. Before using any product, he arranges the hair how Charlie want to wear it, then uses Tea Tree Sea Salt Spray throughout the hair. To give it a unique look, Josh uses a round brush to curl the side part back and slightly up. Then uses detailers to trim up the edges, and Charlie's lone beard hair.

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