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A Gift Guide for the Well-Groomed

A Gift Guide for the Well-Groomed

The holidays are a great time of year. We all get to settle down with family, take a break from work, and most importantly eat ourselves into a well-earned food coma. Unfortunately, the holidays are not all fun and games. Around Thanksgiving is when most of us start feeling a little anxious about what gifts we're going to buy our friends and family.

The truth of the matter is we need help. Advice is our best friend when it comes to buying gifts for people. Many of you know from years of experience that different types of people find value in different types of gifts. There's a handful of variables that need to be addressed when considering what to buy for that special someone. To state the obvious, gender, age, hobbies etc. are all basic influencers of your decision.

However, no one wants to be a mediocre gift-giver. Dig a little deeper than the obvious and think about that person's style trends, or activities they partake in during their daily routines. There are few things that can bring you more satisfaction than seeing your gift be put to use every single day.

Enough rambling. You're probably here looking for gift ideas for the Urban Beardsman in your life. Or maybe you plan on treating yourself to a gift, which is something most (if not all of us) do around this time of year. Well you've come to the right place. Myself, alongside several other team Beardbrand members have put our heads together and came up with a few items that you'll be proud to put under your tree.

Here a few gift ideas for the modern man:

Skin Care: Our skin is important to us. Woman shouldn't be the only ones with access to proper tools and products. It all starts with having a clean slate. The Clarasonic Alpha Fit is the perfect tool engineered to unclog and exfoliate a mans face. With settings for both completely shaven or bearded, this electronic face scrubber is perfect for any guy in need of a good cleanse.

ba3After the cleaning, our skin has been stripped of all the natural essential oils. Beardbrand Utility Balm is a great face and beard moisturizer that will revitalize your skin and have you smelling awesome throughout the day. This product also works well as a full body and tattoo moisturizer. Kicking Mule Soap is also a great accessory for the shower. With all natural ingredients and unique fragrances, it compliments the your favorite Utility Balm.

Oral Hygiene: If there is one product that I feel is a true investment, it's the Quip Toothbrush. Our teeth are important to us.new_share_img-0227cce43865d4c3dc3231f487d3057096d71d56dc704ebcd8fb6757fe1f88ebHaving a toothbrush that thoroughly cleans all the nooks and crannies is vital to having a healthy mouth. Even the most rugged of beardsman deserve to have a pearly white smile.

Hair and Beard Care: Ahhhh, the Beardbrand team might have a little knowledge of this topic. Regardless if the recipient of your gift is bearded or not, hair products tend to be overlooked when thinking about gifts for men. Unfortunately, Beardbrand does not currently offer a line of shampoo and conditioner for your hair. BUT for reference, we are planning on releasing more hair-focused products in the future, including a shampoo and conditioner further down the line. For now, my strong recommendation would be the Frank & Oak Balsem shampoo and conditioner. I can personally contest that these products remove residue without leaving your hair dry and tangled.

beardsman_kit_oil_wax_4x3As far as the bearded gentlemen out there, we got you covered. The Beardbrand Kits will save you the hassle of trying to put together the perfect grooming kit for your recipient. Anything from beard oils and mustache wax, to fully equipped boxes with combs, brushes, scissors and more. And don't forget our full line of washes and softeners to keep the face forrest silky smooth. Believe it or not, we're not biased!

We understand that growing a beard is not for everyone. So for the men out there that are in need for a nice shave, we have you covered. Head on over to West Coast Shaving to find an affordable, quality straight and safety razor kit that will supply a extremely close and comfortable shave.

Clothing and Accessories: This is where buying gifts gets a bit more tricky. In my opinion, buying someone an accessory that can go with a multitude of styles and outfits makes for one hell of a present. In particular, most men like the staple accessories that bring their outfit together, and make their look unique. These accessories typically include shoes, watches, wallets, and sunglasses. Furthermore, these types of gifts are as practical as they are stylish.

helm-boots-xlFor starters, who doesn't love getting a pair of new boots or shoes? Helm Boots is a local shoe maker here in Austin, Texas. They make premium quality leather boots for a variety of styles and activities. The beauty of these boots are they are a gift that keeps on giving. Durable is an understatement when describing the craftsmanship of this stylish footwear.

Next up will be the watches - you can't go wrong with a watch. With so many different styles and price points, theres a watch out there for every man. Two of our favorites are the Birline Eclipse Watch and the Captain and Son Olive Campus Watch. Both watches have accompanying blog post in the links to offer a more in-depth description of the two accessories.

The Danny P. Slim Leather Wallet is a go-to recommendation without hesitation. Having a sturdy, stylish wallet is hard to find nowadays. Men are constantly faced with their wallets falling apart. The Danny P. Wallet is a classic bi-fold design that offers ample storage space for all of the debit-credit cards and id's. Just subtle enough to work with a variety of outfits, this wallet would make for a great holiday gift.

carlos_ub_lifestyle_shots062Last but not least sunglasses. Sunglasses are a necessity all year-round. Whether you're rock climbing in Yosemite National Park in the middle of the summer, or skiing down the slopes of rockies in mid January, the proper shades make a world of difference every time you step outside. The Dick Moby Savanna Sunglasses are the perfect combination of stylish and sporty. With a firm hold on your face, these shades can go with your anywhere. If you're cruising along the streets of the inner city, maybe you're looking for something a bit more "distinguishing". Kapten & Son offers the Fitzroy Matt Sunglasses for the urban adventurer.

For any other ideas you might need you can check out the Urban Beardsman blog for more details! Here's a list of related articles:

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