A Guide to Beard Combs

—Urban Beardsman

Admit it, you secretly enjoy that your beard makes you look a little like a barbarian. But being a true Urban Beardsman means grooming and maintaining that beard so that it has style too.

Good grooming, much like dressing well, is a form of good manners and can help elevate your status as a beardsman. Along with using beard wash and beard oil, part of your grooming routine should be using a beard comb. Combs help to work the oil in the beard but also promote healthier growth. Let’s take a look at a few of your options, fella.


Naturally, at Beardbrand we like our combs that are handmade by the great people at Kent. Kent has been in business 1777 so we’re pretty sure they know what they’re doing. Their tortoiseshell combs are the finest on the market. Cheap plastic combs rip and snag through your beard. The thought alone gives me the shivers.

Each of Beardbrand’s combs teeth are saw cut, and then polished by skilled craftsmen that give them a buttery smooth finish that prevents split ends. We’ve got them in three sizes that are great for at home or on-the-go.

At 7 inches long our large comb ($12) is one you’ll want to leave at home. It features both coarse and fine teeth. Our pocket comb is my personal favorite ($10) and the mustache comb is handy for you mo-bros ($10).


For another option check out go-comb. Designer Heather Burkman lives and works in Brooklyn, New York (the beardiest borough by far). She designed the go-comb for someone on the go, or for those who prefer to travel light.

It’s the size of a credit card and fits in your wallet. Smart idea, we think. It’s lightweight and waterproof, just perfect for everyday carry. You can personalize them, so they’re great for groomsman gifts too. They aren’t solely for beards, so consider picking one up for your lady too.

Go-comb is available in 15 sharp designs and made of stainless steel or brass, so they’ll never corrode or rust. They offer regular and fine toothed models for that tough beard hair of yours. Ranging from $13.99-$21.99 they aren’t going to break the bank either.


N-Product makes what they call “slow goods made in Canada.” A husband and wife team started their company in 2014 and one of their offerings is the Le Loup Multi Tool. This one tidies up your beard, and so much more.

“Le Loup was born out of the heritage of days gone by, when brave independent and bearded men called des Couriers de bois navigated this land we call Canada.” Not sure what that translates to, but it sounds rugged to me.

It is a pocket-sized bottle opener, beard comb, box cutter, pry, and key-chain. Oh, and it’s a silhouette of a wolf. They’re available in raw steel, stainless steel, brass, and titanium. They range from $14.92-$59.67.

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