Hair and Beard Trim for Maintenance

—Wil Mouradian

This gent is at Gentleman & Rogue's Club to get a haircut and beard trim from Charlie.

The Fade

Charlie starts by clipping aside his client's hair to open up the side of the head for trimming. He then "flicks up" with clippers while trimming the hairline with an open 1.0 guard. He uses the occipital vein (at the curved base of the skull) as a guide for the trimming area. After that, he uses the same flicking motion to clip around the ear.

One the run-through with clippers is complete, Charlie angles out the hairline with a comb to manually trim around the head with clippers.

The Trim

He busts out a thinner comb to trim a closer hairline with the clippers, blending the two lengths for a gradual fade. As he gets closer to the top of the head, Charlie switches to the traditional scissors and comb combination to get the most accurate fade to the top of the head possible. Charlie is using scissors from Passion (Our Beardbrand Scissors rock, too - and they're at lower price point). 

To prepare the top of the head for the haircut, first Charlie slicks back the gentleman's hair. Then he combs from one corner of the recede line directly across the scalp to the opposite side, creating a combed part. He uses his scissors and comb to even out the length of the hairline connection from the back of the head to side of the head.

For the center of the client's head, Charlie parts his hair in a diagonal fashion from one recede line to the opposite corner of the scalp. He then free-hands additional texture through the hair using scissors.

The Beard

Charlie consults with the client about his beard; they decide to cut off the curl of his beard at the neckline, and sharpen the beard edge at the temples and sideburn. He first cleans the neckline with his clippers, then finishes off the fly-aways with scissors.

The mustache is the last to get a clean-up. Charlie combs down the mustache in a straight fashion, then separates it with his comb at the middle of the lip. He uses the lip as a guide for an even trim of the 'stache.

Charlie applies the finishing touches with a razor shave of the upper cheeks, then wrapping up with a light coat of Tea Tree Styling Balm for hold in the beard and hair.

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