A Haircut Reset for Straight Hair with Beard Trim

In the Cut and Grind shop with Master Barber Tobias Mead for a beard trim with full hair cut. The cut starts with the back and sides. Tobias recommends leaving some extra weight there helps keep it from sticking out as fine straight grows in but his client still wants to go with a shorter top so it will just require some product to keep it in place as it grows out. A nice taper down the back and a clean neckline. On the top we are going down about an inch and adding some texture to give it more body and the ability to push it back.

On top

Be sure to move from shorter over the crown area to longer in the front near the forehead. This allows the hair in the front to be pushed back with support underneath.

The Beard Trim

On the beard trim Tobias takes off quite a bit from the bottom, squares the jaw, cleans up the neck and adds some Old Money Beard Oil. Be sure to work the oil between the hands and into the hair down to the skin. Beard oil smoothes, adds shine, moisturizes and protects the hair and helps loosed dead skin to promote growth. 





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Eric Bandholz, Founder