A Modern Classic: Executive Contour Haircut (Beach Version)

—Josh Lawson

Freddy is at the club today to get his hair cut by Charlie. They want to do something similar to the Executive Contour but a messier, beachy version. He wants it a little bit longer on the back and sides, roughly about a 2 around the back and sides, blending as it gets higher, then a bunch of messy texture. Instead of using guards, Charlie gonna be using Whal cordless clippers and his Matedor comb. He knows how to get the same look as a guard by changing the angle of the comb.

As he goes from the side of the head to the back, he curves the comb down as to avoid the occipital bone. He learned this technique in the Old School of Barbering in Rotterdam. Charlie exaggerates the comb as he goes up, almost as a horseshoe motion. He then flicks at the back of the neck with the clippers, first with an open guard then again when closed. Next, he moves on to scissors over comb to get rid of the weight line. Freddy didn't want to go as short so Charlie is making sure not to flush with the head, using the spine of the comb as a guide.

Now on to the top. He is gonna connect Freddy's top with the sides, starting at the crown and connecting the two shortest points. Everyone has their favorite technique, but Charlie's is free hand. He loves to freehand. He doesn't want to take too much off the fringe of his hair, so he begins to point cut for texture. Then works his way around the top give it similar texture.

Charlie finishes Freddy's look with some Sea Salt Spray, getting in the roots so it will give it some hold, and blow drys his hair. He does notice a small area that needs a bit more weight out of it, so he goes back in to point cut one side and get rid of that weight line. Lastly, he takes the Matador comb one more time around the back and a Whal comb near the ears. Cut, styled, done.

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