A Modern Quiff Trim with Bleached Hair at the Barbershop

Today we have Ollie, who is a little bit camera shy, coming into Cut & Grind for a cut on the sides, a slight trim on the top, a little off the back, and to move the part further up. As they previously discussed, they are gonna take the edges with a 1 or 2 guard. With Ollie and his haircut, he feels like some of his hair is spilling over, and wants to move the part a little higher. They are going to sharpen up the edges sit it will sit a little nicer and connect the overhang into the sides using a fade. They are going to dip the fade toward the back of the neck and keep it nice and natural, so the back of the head won't affect the crown and make it appear flat. With the length on top, they don't want to take too much off and don't want to lose the color. They'll texturize the top to take a little weight out of it. With this cut, he will still have a some of the blonde left and contrast it with Ollie's natural brown hair.

Near the back of the head she is doing a horseshoe section and leaving it at a point and working it the way he wears his hair, so it will appear more natural. Skye starts with a comb and clippers, a staple for every haircut, and angles it down and back to begin the process of the fade they discussed earlier. The blonde also allows her to see where the guide it and makes it much easier to get good lines for this cut. With Ollie's hair, it is very straight textured, so if it gets cut too short it might start lifting up a little bit. She is starting with a number 2, and maybe go to a 1.5 with the fade as long as it doesn't go too high.

Now we are kinda getting rid of the excess bleach, going over it several times and directions to catch all the hairs. We end up with a nice clean line around the edges. What we have left to do is take the 1.5 along the line the last guard left off at. This will help blend the top with the sides and make his haircut more cohesive. Skye takes the clippers and takes the sides much tighter, giving it a clean look. She then takes a 1 / 1.5 at the bottom of his neck to continue the fade, then uses a 0 to clean up the last bit of neck hair.

All we are gonna do now is sharpen the edges using a Whal Detailer. First the temples, then the sideburns and little ear hairs and around the ear following the natural hairline to the back of the neck, and tapered it off. Then we sectioned out where the parting is, and connecting the side bits. A lot of guys complain about the sides and how heavy they are. This is because the hair on top pushes on all the hair under it, and doesn't sit as well. If you stick to a square shape, it will allow all your sides to grow free of pressure from each other.

Skye begins to texture it and create a V shape near the back. She is trying to make the length on top, line up with the length of the side, being gentle with it as bleached hair is damaged and is a little more fragile. Now that the crown is finished, we are taking vertical sections and trimming and texturing it. Ollie is left with an awkward middle part for a little bit, and Skye even compares him to Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys. While lifting it up, she notes that previously the hair had been over directed, so she works to blend it and work it all back together. The goal isn't to get rid of hair but rather to lessen the weight and keep the general shape. Now we're going across, switching directions, to make sure it is even as well as texturize the back of the head, near the horseshoe that was created earlier.

Lastly Skye is gonna wash & dry Ollie's hair, and texturize the sides or take a little weight of the sides. To dry it she uses a blow dryer and a brush to recreate the look he had similar to when he came in. Then takes scissors and a comb lightly to the sides, making them appear more natural. We end with Skye taking his hair down and twisting it, then point cutting it, which encourages it to sit back naturally.

To style it off at the end he asked for her to use matte styling product and hair lotion. She then works it all into his hair evenly. He loves how it turned out and used his hands to finish his hair off the way he likes it.





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