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A Quick & Simple Trim to Style Your Hair Any Way You Want

'Tiago coming into Cut & Grind to another awesome haircut from the best barber ever, Tobias Mead. He wants to do a 3 around the back and the sides, then the Tobias wants to do a natural taper so it won't grow back as a mullet. On the top, the length will be left about the same and textured to get rid of some of the weight while giving it more volume. Then he'll lift the front and swoop it over to the side so it'll sit nice and perfect at the end of the cut with minimal product.

First Tobias is sectioning off the hair and notices that Tiago's crown was growing in flat. The barber at his last cut probably cut into it, and now his hair starting to grow back over it. He's gonna try to reserve the crown section so it'll grow back and create a better shape. From the side it looks really flat, like a pancake, then if it grows too long it'll look like a gem.

Starting with a 3 along the sides, with no high guard and leaving a little bit of weight near the top. There is a section in the back leaving a horseshoe shape to allow the crown to grow back properly. Tobias just works his way around the head, then changes his angle a bit once he gets behind the ear. He starts to create the drop near the back as well. The hair starts to look darker due to the skylight and window, so he spins Tiago around to see better. He's leaving the trim a bit low in the back so he can avoid the crown, and leave it to grow. Then he goes over what he's already done in case he missed anything and create a weight line.

We change to a 2 and start to take care of the sideburns to blend it into the beard's hairline. He then takes it around the ear to trim it up, and change the growth pattern slightly so it won't grow over the ears so soon. Saving Tiago a couple extra days before going to get his hair cut again. Now, on the neck, he goes with the hair growth to collect all the hair he wants to trim. He does this until he gets to the base of where they agreed the taper would be.

Now using a 1.5 guard Tobias uses it to blend, fade, and taper the edges on Tiago's neck. Then he lines up the natural hairline before moving up the top, getting rid of any loose ends along the way. He trims along the sideburns, around the ear, and follows the natural hairline so it will regrow correctly and without stubble. Gotta double check that both sides go in equally as well.

After sectioning part of the top back toward the crown, using the back of the ear and the apex of the dome as guides, Tobias begins to trim and texture the area he sectioned off, starting on the right side since he's right-handed. Then he connects the hair from left to right, using the sections he made earlier.

Instead of pushing it to the side Tiago usually goes with, Tobias pushes it the other way and connects it as well so he can wear it either way instead of being limited. Then trims minimally in the back since they are trying to grow out his crown. Lastly, he cuts directly straight on the top to give it one last bit of texture and take some of the weight out and takes the scissors over a comb on the sides. Finally, he ends with a straight razor to clean up all the baby hairs.





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