A Review of Tree Ranger Utility Balm by Drew Tyers

—Josh Lawson

Drew from Drew's Obsessions is here to tell you about his patchy beard. It used to be much worse than what it is right now. Ever since he was a kid, he wanted to grow a full, bushy beard. Today he's covering the utiltiy balm. It's made from natural ingredients and naturally-derived fragrances.

It'll help keep your beard, hair, and skin velvety soft and hydrated. If you can only get one product for your grooming routine, this'll be the one you should probably get. The utility balm comes in either a two-ounce travel size or a four-ounce larger size. The main attribute is sillage, which refers to how long the fragrance stays in the air after you use it. If you're using the Tree Ranger option, then the main notes are gonna be cedarwood, eucalyptus, and pine.

The main goal of the utility balm isn't to offer a hold, in fact, it offers little to no hold. It can help with some flyaways though. What it does do it keep your beard healthy and moisturized. The balm comes in an amber container and a silver lid. Which keeps consistent with our brand. The balm will melt in your hands when rubbed together, and that makes it super easy to apply. Check out the video for a before and after shot of the result!

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