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A Skin Fade and Beard Trim for the Mature Man

Aidy has come into the shop today for a bit of a fade on the sides, tidy up on the top, and a beard trim. He wants about a .5 on the sides. Josh starts by wetting down the hair and combs it to the shape he normally wears it. He goes in with a .5 right below the temple, and creates the line he'll follow later in the cut. To make it all nice and tight, he takes away all the excess hair around the neck while he's still using that guard. Next they use a 1 and flicks at the line all the way around the head to start the fade.

Josh keeps moving through the guards, moving up a half guard at a time to blend the fade and the weight line at the top. He takes the detailer to the back of the neck and around the ear to get rid of all the little baby hairs that made it through the clippers. To blend that area even more and soften the overall cut, he uses scissors over comb. This gives a different look to the hair, and makes it easier to control the different lengths of hair needed around different areas of the head.

For the top, Aidy doesn't want to take too much off. Josh wets it down again and combs it the side. He sections out the hair little by little in order to tidy up the ends. All he's doing is just getting the frayed edges out of there. Then he shaves in the parting line by moving the detailers back and forth in that little area made by parting the hair. He just keeps going back and forth until they get to the desired width. After a quick blow dry, Josh focuses on taking any weight out of the sides using thinning scissors.

For the beard, Aidy just wants to get it tidied up by taking in the sides slightly. Josh freehands with the detailers to get the general shape right and get rid of the flyaways. He's not taking too much off the bottom, but he's just following the natural motion of the beard. Josh lines of up cheeks for him, double checks the neck for for any stray hairs, and makes sure Aidy is happy. To finish off they add Utility Balm to shape his beard the way he likes and style his hair.





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