Addiction and Recovery

—Urban Beardsman

In today’s episode, Eric and Clayton are joined by special guest and Team Beardbrand member Carlos Costa, and the guys are tackling the topic of addiction and recovery.

Now more than six years sober, Carlos discusses his journey through drug and alcohol addiction, tracing the earliest brushes with drugs back to his childhood in Portugal when he started smoking pot with friends at 12, to using cocaine, ecstasy, and heroin. He explains that as things progressed and he began to mix drugs and add alcohol into the equation, he began to experience complete blackouts.

Carlos traveled to Germany to escape his town, where he thought the problem truly resided, but he soon found that the problem wasn’t geographic in nature – it was within himself. He found himself further addicted and in debt to a drug dealer. In serious danger, he fled Germany and returned to Portugal.

He soon found himself in England, where alcohol because a serious problem. He returned to drug use and once again found himself on the run and ended up homeless for more than a year. Carlos admits that he was so deep in depression and addiction, that he had a strong desire to die. After two attempts to overdose, Carlos was revived both times and now feels that his reason for making it through is to share his experiences with others who are struggling with addiction and feeling as depressed and hopeless as he once was.

To hear Carlos’ full story, and his journey through recovery to sobriety, listen to the episode now!


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