All About Beardbrand Gear

Eric is here today to make sure you know about our Beardbrand Gear. As you may know, we've been around since 2012 and have created over 400 videos in that time span. In addition to that, we've created a men's grooming company that sells great products! One product we haven't really focused on is our gear section.

Early in 2012 we used to sell some t-shirts, but we didn't really know what we were doing. After about 5 years of doing business, we think we finally got it. We recently launched some new t-shirts and y'all bought them all pretty quick. So we ordered a few more to give people another shot to rep Beardbrand on their chest.

They are super soft and have some cool distressed edges on the sleeves, bottom, and neck. We also worked closely with the printer to create a custom gold ink that matches the gold line. Our plan with the shirt is to have enough inventory to last for about three months. After that time, we're gonna have a new shirt design and discontinue the old one. So if you like the design, you better get it quick.

We're selling them at $25 a pop. If you're not comfortable dropping that much for a shirt then we have even more gear for you! We have absolutely free posters available for download on our website! We launched these a month or two ago, and we have three different designs. They are super simple with modern designs, and no Beardbrand watermark. You can just print them out no problem.




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Our mission is to make men awesome through amazing content and class leading products. Take time to invest in yourself and treat yourself to some great Beardbrand products.

Eric Bandholz, Founder