Amazing Tips From a Master Barber About Growing Out Your Beard

—Josh Lawson

Ricky is at Gentleman and Rogues to get his hair cleaned up by Mahesh. He wants the sides at about a 1, and he usually slicks his hair back to one side. His hair normally grows really thick, so he also wants to take out some of the weight. Ricky is also in the early steps into a yeard and growing out his beard, so he wants to get a bunch of advice.

Mahesh, having an awesome beard himself, offers him some friendly tips. WHen you start to grow a beard out, it looks untidy at first. The point Ricky is at now, is the point in which everyone around you starts to make comments about it. The best thing to do at this point is to leave the weight and thickness of the beard, while just trimming the lines and edges. The corner bits aren't needed at this point in his growth. As soon as Mahesh cleans up the edges, and connects it into his haircut, Ricky will see a huge difference. If your skin is irritating at this point, that is what the oil is for. It hydrates the skin and softens the hair.

We're switching it up and starting with the beard this time. Mahesh takes a detailer to the edges of his cheek line and sideburns and cleans up those lines. This makes a huge difference in how his beard is perceived. He also lines up the neckline as well, pausing in the middle to show off the difference it makes. It's Ricky's first attempt at a beard. At this point, he usually gives up and shaves it off. Once you get those lines in the first time from a barber, so can maintain it at home.

When you trim at home, a single razor or detailer will probably work best. This allows you to actually see where you're cutting as opposed to a three-blade razor. Don't get me wrong, the three-blade is great for taking out large section, just not for trimming. Since it is still in the early stages, he doesn't want to cut into the beard too much. So he uses a 1 on the sideburns and flicking out. He then goes around the rest of the head using the same maneuver.

Ricky's hair has a bit of a wave to it, so Mahesh doesn't to take too much out of it. The lighter he makes the top the more it'll bounce and curl. So he takes a 2, instead of the 1 he asked for, and begins to trim the sides. He's also gonna keep it quite low in the back, so the beard will match his hair as well. A scissor over comb is used on the area between the top and sides to take out some of the weight. He doesn't take too much off, but enough to create the shape Ricky wants. Then he takes a single blade razor with a thinning add-on to continue that process and take just the tips off which also softens up the haircut. They dry his hair, and move on to the beard again.

Before starting the trim, Mahesh applies Old Money to Ricky's beard. Then he cleans up the line on his cheek using a straight razor and sends him on his way.

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