An Easy Way to Trim Your Beard at Home With Some Tips and Tricks

—Josh Lawson

Greg has been putting off this video for a long time. The main reason is that there is a stigma around trimming your own beard. This video is gonna be how Greg trims his own beard. He's had his beard professionally cut by a barber only twice in the past 32 months. A lot of people fear they will mess it up somehow. He's gonna show you his method and how to make it simple. We're not going into all the different layers. Rather, Greg is showing you how to trim the front, bottom, and soften up the edges.

First you need to take inventory. You know how your face looks from the front, so you need to check how you look from the side. You can do this using a hand mirror, or the bathroom mirror and your phone. He wants to cut the shape into something between a square and rounded shape. He's gonna take a little bit off the front and sides and then he'll be done.

Greg starts off with scissors and a comb for his trim. Fun fact: He was semi-trained as a barber, and believe the scissors are super high quality and at a great price. Greg cuts his beard dry. He styled it how he normally would on any day because he wants to see how it will look after his usual routine. For the first cut, don't pull too tight with the comb, and just follow the line with the scissors. You don't need to cut all the way through the beard. In the video, you can actually see how straight his beard really is.

He wants to keep the beard in its natural pattern, and got to the next step into his beard, and repeats the process. His beard starts to look a little boxier. That's because he didn't want to bring it back to the point it used to be at. Greg then moves to the sides and follows the edges of his beard to get rid of the flyaways and make it a little cleaner. Once you're done, you'll want to check and see how your lines look. If you notice any mistakes, you can just go back and fix it.

After all of that, you'll want to lift your head up. Your jaw probably won't be symmetrical and that's ok. You just want your beard to be symmetrical from the front. He's done with a slightly tapered side with a straight front. To soften the blunt cut, pull the corners out and trim it at an angle. Once his trim is finished, Greg adds a small bit of styling balm to achieve the same look he had before the cut.

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