An Expert Barber's Take on the French Crop Haircut

—Josh Lawson

We're back at Cut & Grind today with Davide giving a lucky client a textured crop cut. They want to do about a 4 on the sides and go to about mid-forehead with the crop. He starts by doing a small trim on the side with the 4 guard, and check with the client to see how he likes it. He's all for it, so Davide continues. The line on the fade on the side has to be the same line on the crop, but the fade will remain at a 4. His heart says to go shorter, but he wants to please the client.

Now he takes a 0 guard to taper off the back of the neck with his Whal trimmer. Well, they aren't his, but they get the job done. He flicks at the sides to give it a feathered look. Davide then wets the hair and combs it over to the side and bends the sides with the top. He also mentions how he wants to show the different ways you can style this haircut later in the video. The client mainly wants to style it up, like a flower.

Scissor over comb is much easier to use here cause you can cut more at once than when using a trimmer. Davide makes sure that his fade line is even all the way around, but also has to keep the hair from looking too uniform all the way around. He needs to give it that texture.

He sweeps the bangs down to give himself a line to follow, then cuts along the mid forehead like the client asked for. The top is next to work on. Davide begins to take out some of the weight and starts to texturize it all. Then he connects the side with the top by connecting the shortest hairs. He adds, even more, texture by point cutting the top.

Lastly, he blends the sideburns with the beard. This helps to reduce the contrast between the hairs and create a more even look. Davide also works to clean the edges around the ears. He finishes the cut with a straight razor on the back of the neck. Then he styles it using Tea Tree Sea Salt Spray to give it more weight, and some styling balm to give it more hold.

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