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Are beards in style for 2013?

Are beards in style for 2013?

Well, are beards in style for 2013? I guess I could tell you "Yes!" and send you on your merry way (because it’s true), but there’s more to it than that. Beards have been making a comeback for a few years now, and everything from movie stars to No Shave November have been paving the way for you to sport your beard.

First off, the world of entertainment has started getting on the beard bandwagon. Everybody from George Clooney to Jake Gyllenhaal—all guys that do alright with the ladies—have been wearing beards. But not just in their movies: at awards shows and on the town, as well.

(Photo is from this awesome article about beard style options.)

Besides movie stars, beards have taken hold as a way to do good. No Shave November Campaigns have sprung up across the nation, supporting good causes while giving people chances to grow out some amazing beards. While No Shave November (or Movember, if a mustache is more your speed) is more about brute hairiness than style, it does give you a chance to introduce the bearded lifestyle to the world. A wicked mustache comb can always come later.

But of course, these beard comebacks are just the background noise for the rise of the urban beards-man, the best trend of them all. This phrase, which we at Beardbrand treat as a sort of a mantra, means that beards aren’t just for Lord of the Rings characters or millionaire movie stars. Beards and mustaches are for smart, stylish professionals that want to express their individual hairy style. This look is on the rise everywhere from Brooklyn, New York to right here in Spokane, Washington; let’s just say it’s a great time to have a beard.

(Photo is from here.)

For more photos that demonstrate the urban beards-man’s lifestyle, check out our tumblr. For Beardbrand founder Eric’s take on beard style for 2013, check out his vlog on the topic.



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