Are Flower Beards The New Glitter Beards?

Guys, I’m really sorry for, like, all of this.

We as beardsmen have had to suffer through things like beard baubles at Christmas, glitter beards, bubble beards, and now this – flower beards.

Metro has recently reported that the latest trend is here and it’s real – although we have our doubts, as we did with glitter beards – and is “exactly what it sounds like: gently placing delicate flowers into your thick, lustrous beard. This is how you embrace spring. This is how you show off your fun, fashion-y side while staying office appropriate.” I embrace spring by breaking out my lighter jacket, going for a hike, and enjoying the warmer weather. Was I supposed to be smashing my face into a pile of azaleas this whole time?

Not surprisingly, this new look is being spread around Instagram with the help of several users, including @thegaybeards – the same dynamic duo who were instrumental in kicking off the glitter beard trend.

With any luck, this will be over before it develops into a full-fledged social media frenzy. Until then just resist the urge to treat your face like a woodland garden, and stick to beard oil.

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Eric Bandholz, Founder