Are You a Hipster?

—Urban Beardsman

Today the guys are taking the quiz to find out exactly how hipster they are.

1) Do you ride a Fixie?

That’s a no across the board, however Clayton does admit that if he lived in a flatter landscape, he would be riding a Fixie.

2) Do you eat only organic food?

Eric and Clayton both admit that ideally they would like to eat higher quality foods, but they still can’t help grabbing some McDonald’s from time to time. Half a point for both.

3) Do you dig Wes Anderson flicks?

Clayton is going with a yes as is Eric, and that’s a full point for both of them.

4) Do you own a bowtie or suspenders?

Clayton is a hard no, but Eric explains that Beardbrand used to sell suspenders and so he owns a pair, as well as a bowtie, so Eric takes the lead 2.5 to 1.5.

5) Do you use the word “artisan”?

Neither of the guys have “artisan” in their vernacular – no points scored this round.

6) When it comes to mass-produced domestic beers, is PBR your only option?

Yes across the board – they like the fact that it’s inexpensive, the can looks cool, and it’s pretty good.

7) When it comes to cold coffee – iced coffee or cold brew?

Clayton will get his coffee fix any way he can, so he is fine with both, however he prefers a cold brew. Eric on the other hand has had too many bad iced coffee experiences and is sticking with cold brew. That’s a point for both, and Clayton still trails 3.5 to 4.5 in the Hipster Finals.

8) Do your parents pay for anything in your life?

Clayton is still on the family cell phone plan and the rates are too good to pass up, while Eric is financially and emotionally independent. With this one Clayton ties it up!

9) Do you eat from a food truck more than twice a week?

Eric prefers the restaurant experience – napkins and comfortable atmosphere – while Clayton is a food truck fan. Folks, Clayton takes the lead at 5.5 to 4.5 with only one question left to go!

10) Is your camera film or digital?

Clayton throws a curve ball here – he has a Polaroid camera. That’s a point for film, and Eric is a digital man.

And here are the final scores for the day – Eric comes in at a modest 45% hipster while Clayton Cook sweeps the competition with a score of 65% hipster!

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