Irish ASMR Beard Trim from Square to Round Finish

—Josh Lawson

Today we have another member of Team Beardbrand, Brandon! He's from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and recently moved to London. During that time, he's been super busy and missed his regular trim. Luckily, Carlos was there to show him Cut & Grind! He's getting trimmed by a new barber, Mazie. He want's to keep the length, but wants to clean the split ends, trim the cheeks, and line up his neck. What Mazie is gonna do it tidy it up, and straighten it out on the bottom.

He really enjoys the thickness of his beard, so they are gonna taper the sides, straighten it up, and take it in slightly on the sides. Mazie blow dries his beard and brushes it down, that way it all lays flat and makes it easier for her to deal with. She uses a clipper over comb to get a general shape into Brandon's beard and get the taper going. A soft line is established right around the ear, that way he can still hear.

Mazie takes the scissors, and takes off the split ends at the bottom of the beard. Neither of them wants to take too much length off, so she is super careful! Since he already has a square look, so he wants to keep it that way. They're gonna go squared, but they can always change it later if they need to. Then, she sharpens up his cheek line to create a nice line to it. Before adding a hot towel to Brandon's face, Mazie puts some beard oil in to bring some moisturize back to his beard.

After all of that, Brandon decides he wants to go with more of a rounded look. Mazie does a bit of point cutting to take the edge off of his beard. To finish it all off, she adds Utility Balm to his beard to give it some moisture again and help shape it up.

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