Austin, Texas: Live Music Capital Of The World

—Urban Beardsman

Austin, Texas has the distinct privilege of being the live music capital of the world, and in episode 07, Eric and Clayton are talking about Austin’s musical history and some of Austin’s hardest rocking bands.

Seeing a live show is a distinctly different experience than “popping in a CD” as Eric points out – watching someone create music in front of you and witnessing them put on a show creates a connection between the musician and the listener. And when there’s a good crowd at the show, all feeding off each other’s energy, there comes a sense of togetherness and being part of something bigger than yourself.

Eric and Clayton also talk about the fact that there isn’t much of a music industry presence in Austin – it’s really about musicians playing live because they love it, not because they’re pursuing fame. Familiar with 6th Street? The guys also discuss the variety of bands and sounds you can find on any given night walking down the street.

Also in this episode, learn about South By Southwest (SXSW) and Beardbrand’s party Celebration By Beardbrand (CXBB). Listen to the episode now to learn more about the live music capital of the world!


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