Avoid These 5 Major Hair Styling Mistakes | Eric Bandholz

—Jenny Durre

Do you have a particular hairstyle that you're trying to achieve, but can't seem to get it right?

Eric describes in detail what mistakes might be holding you back from perfecting your look.

Getting the wrong haircut:
This is important. You need to let your barber know exactly what type of style your looking for.

Unrealistic expectations:
You have to have the right hair type for certain looks. Unfortunately it's not as easy as finding a picture online and deciding your hair will look identical to that.

Using the wrong product:
There's a plethora of choices out there when it comes to hair products. Read up on what products are intended to do, and which ones will be most beneficial to you.

Using the products wrong:
Be sure to apply the product properly to your ENTIRE head. You don't want to have an uneven look.

Use a hairdryer. We simply can't stress enough the importance of a hairdryer to style both your hair, and your beard.

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