Avoid This Common Beard Grooming Mistake

—Parker Mallouf

Carlos Costa is back to talk to you about the Beardbrand styling balm. The styling balm is a great product to use when you need to hold down those wiry beard hairs. However, if you use the wrong amount, the end result could be a disaster. 

After hopping out of the shower, take your beard comb and comb out all the tangles. Next, grab your blow dryer and give it a pass. Dry from the neck up towards your chin to give the beard some volume and guarantee there's no leftover moisture. 

After your beard is detangled and dry, scoop out a dime sized amount of styling balm. Rub it between your hands rapidly until the balm turns clear. Apply to the base of the hair follicles and work your way up to the ends of your beard hair. Do one final pat down and your beard will be locked into place. 


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