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Beard 101: A Closer Look at No Shave November & Movember

Happy No Shave November & Movember, fellow beardsmen and friends. Those of you participating are now well into the hairiest of months, and we expect that each of you has started experiencing the differences in your newfound lifestyle. We hope that you’re enjoying your new look to the fullest.

Although every beard has its own story, we at Urban Beardsman thought it could benefit some of you first timers out there by having Beardbrand’s founder and personal sensei, Eric Bandholz, tell his beard’s origin story.

It All Started in November

You’ll find in this video that Eric’s story, much like many of yours, started one faithful November when he decided to go completely unshaven for one month to support one of his favorite local charities, Beards BeCAUSE. After this formative experience, Eric embraced his true inner beardsman and, month-by-month, as his beard continued to grow, so did his interest in bringing this ever-growing bearded community together to exchange stories and celebrate their unique bond. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Truth Behind Being a Beardsman

Aside from detailing his journey into bearded-dom, this video captures Eric’s passion for the camaraderie felt between fellow beardsmen and the sometimes-negative stereotypes that we continue to battle as people who don’t understand the hairy details of the bearded community continue to assume all sorts of crazy misconceptions. Additionally, he champions offering support to new beardsmen as they come to the important decision looming around the corner on December 1st: to shave or not to shave?

For any other questions regarding Movember or No Shave November, you can contact the man himself at @bandholz.

Mo’ on, keep bearding, and enjoy.


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