Beard Trim and Wet Shave at Cut and Grind

Parker Mallouf

Today Sky at Cut and Grind is giving her regular client a maintenance beard trim finished by a wet shave. Her client comes in every 10 days or so to keep his beard lines crisp and clean. 

Sky starts by cleaning up the clients sideburns with her Wahl trimmers. To achieve the round shape the client desires, Sky tapers the sideburns then blends the cheeks into the chin and mustache. The client likes his mustache high and tight around his upper lip. 

To add the finishing touches, Sky uses a straight blade to cut a hard edge in the cheek and neck line. 


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  • I have been using the co-wash method only for a short time, I started about 2 weeks ago so reading your article was a good surprise. my beard does feel softer since i stopped using shampoo.

    Cornelius Greene on

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