Beard Trim Cut and Fade

—Wil Mouradian

Josh of Gentleman & Rogue's Club is with us for this Beardbrand barbershop video, where he's going to give his customer Phil a short haircut, a beard trim, and fade while maintaining his longer haircut.

The Fade

Josh starts by taking his 2.0 guard up to the temple and following it around the the head. He then blends up to a 2.5 guard, creating guidelines for when he busts out the scissors.

Josh then tapers in the neckline using a guard, then trims up the next with a 0.5 guard. He takes off the guard, then sharpens up the natural hairline meticulously with the corner of the guard.

The Haircut

Phil wears his longer hair slicked back, so Josh is hesitant to trim too much of the hair. He angles the comb out from the scalp to help guide his minimal trimming. He re-wets the hair, combs it back, and trims the tips off the length of Phil's hair.

Everyone at the shop is a Peaky Blinders fan, by the way. Josh lets Phil know that he's expected to catch up.

The Beard

We move on to the beard trim, where Josh delicately wets and combs down the beard to give the most accurate beard line possible with no guard on the clippers. He uses the same technique as before - using the comb angled out from the scalp to give a minimum meticulous clipper trim to the beard.

Using no guard, Josh redefines Phil's beard line around the underside of the neck, and trims away any subtle fly-aways, then sharpens up the mustache.

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