The Beard Wave Pillow

—Wil Mouradian

Every beardsman who has grown more than an inch or two of length has woken up with a bird’s nest of hair on his face. It seems that no matter what we do, bed-beard is a nemesis that can take up crucial time in our daily routines.

We spent months working with our Product Development Manager to develop what we call Beard Cross-Wave technology. This advanced level of grooming science utilizes scientifically tested geometry and pressure points to combat bed-beard, unruly curls, and “The Wave” before they even start.

The Beard Wave Pillow utilizes 100% cotton medium wale corduroy to carefully hold your facial hair in place while you rest. The unique texture in our hand-picked fabric is great for gently maintaining your facial hair shape without the need for an intense morning grooming session.

The grooves in this pillow are also awesome for light exfoliation while you sleep! Spending a night with this pillow will have your skin refreshed and glowing with a soft, rosy finish you never thought possible. It really brings out the best in your face.

Our team carefully selected the fabric to recall fond memories of simpler times, providing a nostalgic experience that will have you awash with memories of Fonzie, Jan and Marsha, Columbo, and Mary Tyler Moore. Don’t mind the haters - olive and navy corduroy are timeless and nostalgic at the same time. They match everything!

We know that the demand for this is pretty incredible, as bed-beard is a grooming epidemic we want to get ahead of. For a limited time, we’re offering this product at-cost to help as many beardsmen as possible get the word out about the next level of grooming science.  

Click here to pick up a pillow for yourself, and be sure to spread the word. Keep on growing!

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