Beardbrand Announces Return of Temple Smoke Beard Oil

—Urban Beardsman

After a long wait, Beardbrand’s Temple Smoke beard oil is back. And while they acknowledge that it took a while to get it back on the shelves, it doesn’t grow on trees. Well, it kind of does. But just on a really rare one.

Temple Smoke is a premium beard oil made from the extremely rare agarwood – a dark resinous heartwood that is the result of large southeastern Asian evergreens being stricken with a specific type of ailment. As the ailment expands through the tree, the heartwood is formed, and is highly sought after for its rich, dark aroma. Deep, warm, musky, and boasting an earthy appeal, agarwood is produced from burning the dark, aromatic resin formed within the tree as a protective measure against the ailment, producing a sensual and therapeutic oil, historically used in temple ceremonies.

Beardbrand’s initial release of Temple Smoke was overwhelmingly positive, with the oil selling out relatively quickly, and leaving them out of stock for several months. And that’s because to collect enough agarwood to make Temple Smoke is a difficult task, and the only man for the job was Eric Bandholz.

After hopping a midnight flight in a prop plane to southeast Asia, Eric found himself deep in the heart of the jungles of Cambodia, wrestling Burmese pythons and fighting off Siamese crocodiles on his hunt for the rare agarwood. He was out of range of cell phone towers with no way to call the Beardbrand team, or tweet about his perils, or post a selfie with an Asian black bear to Instagram. But armed only with his fedora and trusty bullwhip, Eric made his way through the jungle, found a fresh supply of agarwood, and returned to Beardbrand with the magical ingredient in hand, ready to make more Temple Smoke.

In all seriousness, Beardbrand extends a huge thanks to all their customers for their patience while they worked to get Temple Smoke restocked, and they’re happy to announce that it is officially back in stock! Head over to now to get your bottle of Temple Smoke!

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