Beardbrand Launches New Blank Slate Beard Wash & Softener

—Urban Beardsman

We’re ready to start spring off with a Blank Slate.

Beardbrand has officially released their brand new line of Blank Slate Beard Wash and Blank Slate Beard Softener, and with the release the Blank Slate line is complete, giving beardsmen the full range of options – from oils and waxes to washes and softeners – within the fragrance-free Blank Slate product family.

“We did [Blank Slate] as a fragrance free option for those people that didn’t want a conflicting scent between their beard oil and their colognes and things like that, it was about the pure essence of the product,” says Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz.

“If you want to use a beard wash and softener and you don’t want it conflicting with your colognes and fragrances, this is the perfect option.”

Beardbrand is excited to complete the Blank Slate line and offer their customers a new product to try and hopefully fall in love with. But Bandholz goes on to explain the true importance of beard washes and softeners as part of any beardsmen’s beard care routine.

“Traditionally guys were using hair shampoo [on their beards], and beard hair is thicker, coarser, and curlier than head hair, and the skin under the beard is a lot more delicate,” he explains.

“With head hair, you’re dealing with a higher number of follicles – approximately 100,000 follicles – than with the beard, which has approximately 30,000. On top of that, the skin on your head is the thickest skin anywhere on your body. So what that means is that a typical shampoo is going to be a lot harsher than our beard wash – which is a lot gentler – and our beard washes are designed to be as much a face wash as they are a beard wash.”

“Same thing with conditioners, guys were typically using hair conditioners on their beards. And when we looked on the market for hair conditioners, we noticed that they contained silicone in their formulation,” Bandholz continues.

“Now silicone isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but what it does is create this cycle where it coats the hair – which is great because it allows the hair to be shiny and smooth – but if you don’t use a harsh wash to get rid of the silicone, it builds up on itself. As that happens, it will dull, crack, and flake, and in the end have the opposite effect of what you’re going for. We strive to help beardsmen bring their bodies to their natural state, and we want our products to be as harmonious with the body as possible.”

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