Beardbrand Launches “Sponsor A Beardsman”

Every day, thousands of men across the country go beardless.

You’ve seen them on the street corners, in your neighborhood, and even outside your favorite hangouts – bare faces borne out of the fact that their loved ones aren’t facial hair fans, work won’t allow it, or they are just plain scared.

They suffer alone and terrified, waiting for someone to help. That someone is you.

The Program

Beardbrand has launched their new “Sponsor A Beardsman” program. For just $25 a month you’ll rescue a beardless man from his bare-faced existence.

Here is what they will receive

-Beardbrand Beard Oil, Beard WashSoftener, Mustache Wax, and more
-Fashion advice
-Tattoo ideas
-Classes on how to take a bearded selfie
-Access to an Instagram account and photo-filter tutoring

Here’s what you’ll receive as a sponsor

Each month you’ll receive a photo of your beardsman, and a letter from him detailing his growth and progress. Check out the before and after photos below to see the amazing transformations made by beardsman that have been helped by the program:

“I hated having my picture taken before. Now I’m a beard model! Thanks Beardbrand!”


“I don’t even feel like the same person! And I mean that in a good way.”


“I got 10,000 Instagram followers in less than two hours after posting my first photo as a beardsman! Thanks for everything, Beardbrand!”

Don’t wait, donate now and help make the world a bearded place. Click the link below to become a bearded sponsor.


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Eric Bandholz, Founder