Beardbrand Sea Salt Spray

—Urban Beardsman

Have you ever wished your locks could look as luscious as they do after hanging out at the beach, year round? Well you don’t have to wish anymore.

Beardbrand‘s men’s sea salt spray offers guys the ability to quickly and easily recreate their favorite beach hair anytime, anywhere.

“It was one of Beardbrand’s best creations for my current hairstyle,” says collection curator Carlos Costa.

“It’s got a great hold, it’s not too stiff and it’s not too weak.”

Infused with kaolinite clay to mimic the grit of beach sand, this killer sea salt spray is built for men – it takes the standard waves and volume you get from salt water and adds a touch of extra texture and hold. Like sand in the ocean, the kaolinite clay will separate and settle at the bottom of the bottle – give it a shake and spray generously on mid-lengths and ends, then style and air or blow dry for natural looking tousled beach waves.

Ready to get that badass beach hair?

Grab your blow dyer with a diffuser attached to the nozzle. Use the dryer on a high speed, medium heat setting, and get your hair 80%-90% dry. Give your sea salt spray a shake to break up the kaolinite clay, and spray liberally throughout your entire head.

Grab that blow dryer again, and keep it far away from your hair for a more diffused and even stream of air, and as your hair dries up, use a squeezing motion to give your hair some volume and curl, and start dropping the heat from high, to medium as your hair starts to get drier and crunchier, and finally finish it off with a cool blast to lock your locks in place.

The beauty of this sea salt spry is that while it will give you a nice hold, it also remains pliable enough to let your hair flow and move naturally throughout your day. Products like gel, putty, and clay are known to be higher hold, and that doesn’t allow for much movement or the ability to run your hands through your hair. But with a product like this one, you can touch, comb, and flick your hair around and out of your way without really wrecking the style or hold.

You can even use it for a pompadour hairstyle.

As Costa points out, it allows his hair to be voluminous and bouncy, but with a nice clean hold. His pro tip? Get your hair dry enough before applying so that when you start spraying it in, you can gauge if you’ve distributed it evenly by using your hand to work it in and make sure your hair feels evenly wet with the spray.

Sure, the best way to get that textured hair might be to soak up some sun in the sand and ocean. But if you can’t hit the surf, then reach for the Beardbrand – it’s a day at the beach in a bottle.

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