What's In A Name? The Story of Silver Line


When we first ventured into making products, we started with our Silver Line. We launched our product offering with all three Silver Line fragrances from the get go!

Beardbrand was started by three people - Eric “Your Boy” Bandholz, Lindsey Reinders, and Jeremy McGee in Spokane, Washington. Each of our founders wanted their own signature fragrance. Eric embraced Tree Ranger, Lindsey proudly took the helm on Spiced Citrus, and Jeremy was already a big fan of all things Tea Tree.

As with the genesis of our company, each of our fragrances and products has a story. You’re reading the first of many in our storytelling series – meant to show our readers where we come from, how Beardbrand became the awesome company it is today, and our vision of how the story grows.

Tree Ranger

The inspiration for Tree Ranger actually happened in passing one evening - an evening like any other. Eric was hanging out with a friend who is a “forester” - someone who is an authoritative expert in forestry (the science and practice of planting, managing, and caring for forests). They were throwing back a few beers one night, and Eric struggled to find the right words to describe him:

“What, are you some kinda tree ranger or something?”

...and since then, the name has stuck. The awesome imagery of a man spending his day in the forest was actually the source of inspiration for the fragrance. The scent profile became based on what someone who spends all day in a Pacific Northwest forest might smell like - a combination of different woods and complex notes that encompass our favorite scents in a forest.


A forester is a person who practices forestry: the science, art, and profession of managing and caring for forests. Most foresters have to have an undergraduate degree in a related field in order to apply for positions, but if they’re looking to command the average forester salary or higher, they need a specialized graduate degree under their belt first.

Foresters are generally considered to be conservation scientists. They’re experts in the ecology and biology of forest life, and exist to protect and help maintain forests. They’re typically hired by federal and state agencies (such as the State Parks Department or the U.S. Forestry Service) to help manage the conservation of their land, or as consultants to private groups who are looking to develop an area or use its natural resources.

Spiced Citrus

Lindsey wanted to include a fragrance that had a citrus profile, but wasn’t strictly citrus. In brainstorming how to give citrus some more traditionally masculine notes, the founders decided to start playing with a spiced or mulled citrus fragrance.

During the testing process, Jeremy, Eric, and Lindsey each came up with different variations of spice levels in the product to see which fragrance was the most likeable, the most unique, and the best fit for the brand. The landed on a citrus blend that showcased clove as its primary spice pairing.

The History of Cloves

One of the dominant fragrance notes in Spiced Citrus comes from cloves. Clove is a spice that is native to Indonesia, and has been traded internationally as early as the ancient Roman Empire. Cloves were hugely popular and valuable in the 15th and 16th centuries, and by the 17th century they became a source of global conflict.

Clove was so immensely popular that Denmark wanted to monopolize the production and distribution of cloves. In an attempt to gain control of the spice, the Dutch employed a burn strategy: they literally set any non-Dutch controlled clove crops on fire. This caused a civil uprising in the Malucca Islands , where the clove tree was symbolically representative of a child’s life. Each child born in the Malucca Islands used to have a clove tree planted in their name. The fate and health of the tree were believed to be indicative of the life and future of the child.

The revolution was a violent one, and changed the political and cultural climate of the European presence in that part of Asia permanently. Soon after this uprising, the Dutch monopoly on cloves fell apart, and the crop spread around the globe. It’s now known as one of the most popular spices across classes and cultures.

Tea Tree

This is by far Jeremy’s favorite fragrances. We know that Tea Tree is a divisive fragrance – you either love it or hate it. In order to temper that, the founders brainstormed different notes that they could pair with Tea Tree to maintain the fragrance integrity while making it a more accessible fragrance for a wider audience.

After adding some peppermint and vanilla, they each came up with a variation that they voted on together. After some tweaking, they developed a killer fragrance that is true to its tea tree origin, but makes for a more complex and subtle fragrance than most other Tea Tree products.

The History of Tea Tree

Yes, technically tea leaves grow on trees. However, the origin of Tea Tree Oil, similar to cloves, is fascinating and full of history. In 1770, Captain James Cook of Britain landed near what is now Sydney on the continent of Australia. The indigenous people there taught him the medicinal value of these aromatic trees, as their leaves were often used to help treat infection and heal wounds. The leaves were often used to make a strong medicinal tea, which is where the plant got its name.

As Australia became a colony where British criminals were sent in exile, they relied on education from the indigenous peoples to take care of themselves using natural resources in the region. Tea tree oil became a common resource in day to day medicine, and as Australia grew into a self-sustaining colony, tea tree became one of its national exports.

The Wrap-Up

Each of our fragrances has a story and a methodology behind its development. When compared to our Gold Line, these fragrances are more accessible and just a touch less nuanced, but are powerful and appealing nonetheless. We hope that this review of our fragrances taught you some fun facts and gave you some lore behind the legend. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need some grooming advice. Keep on growing!

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Eric Bandholz, Founder