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—Urban Beardsman

Grooming in 2016 can be hard for a guy. There are more hair styling products than you can shake a stick at, there are hundreds of moisturizers to choose from to keep your skin healthy, and when it comes to beard care the options can sometimes seem endless. But what if there was a way to simplify your options and streamline your grooming routine? If we told you that you could buy one jar and instantly free up ample shelf space in your bathroom, what would you say? We’d say that would be the balm.

This summer, Beardbrand launched their Silver Line utility balm; a versatile product made from all-natural ingredients and naturally derived fragrances. It’s a smooth, soothing, no-hold, deep conditioner that is perfect for keeping your hair and beard velvety soft and hydrated, and keeping your skin and even tattoos moisturized and healthy. It features base ingredients like mango butter, lanolin, and jojoba oil, as well as shea butter which is rich in vitamins and renowned for its anti-aging properties, and cocoa butter which contains a number of anti-oxidants and is known to improve skin health and elasticity.

As Beardbrand & Urban Beardsman co-founder Eric Bandholz explains, “It has been formulated from the ground up to work as a beard balm, as a tattoo balm, as a hair balm, and as a body balm. Pretty much anywhere you have skin and hair, you can apply this product. In fact it’s so versatile, you’ll probably want to keep it from your significant other. They might just end up adding it to their own medicine cabinet.”

He goes on to explain that it also is built to work in harmony with your body.

“The defining feature with our product ethos is to build products that work to bring the body back to its natural chemistry. The focus is on long term health rather than quick fixes,” Bandholz says.

“Activities like washing, working outdoors in the sun and dirt, exposure to summer heat and winter cold will all take your body’s skin to its limits. The Utility Balm will keep your skin and beard moisturized, healthy, and looking it’s best.”

But they weren’t stopping at Silver. They went for the Gold.

This week, Beardbrand has officially released their new utility balm in their Gold Line scents – Four Vices, Temple Smoke, and Old Money. The Beardbrand Gold Line is the premium collection; no expense spared, no limitations on the amount of essential oils used when it comes to the fragrance, and no budget restrictions when it comes to sourcing the ingredients.

Four Vices features notes of tobacco, coffee, hops, and hemp cannabis which are meticulously blended together to create a subtle blend of manliness. Earthy and bitter fragrance notes come together for a unique aroma with a hint of pine.

Temple Smoke is deep and rich; its primary note is called oud (also known as agarwood), and this rare wood gets its noble scent from a fungus that lives on the tree. To fight the fungus, the tree creates a resin which yields a fantastic aroma that is warm, musky, and oaky.

Old Money is not only one of the richest and strongest scents from Beardbrand, but its history is equally intoxicating.

The beauty of this badboy is that you can take care of your skin, beard, hair, and ink, all in one compact jar. It’s been a product Beardbrand spent a lot of time creating, and it’s their most versatile product yet.


Bandholz, “It has been inspired by the titans of industry – think James J Hill, JP Morgan, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and Andrew Carnegie. All men who rocked beards & mustaches, and who made a big impact on society. We’ve blended together the aroma of bourbon aged oak barrels with black pepper to create a truly unique fragrance. It’s deep, rich, and complex. The spicy notes hit early and evolve to a warm amber note over time. This fragrance is long lasting, delightful and one to remind you of the private libraries of these titans.”

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