Bearded Halloween Ideas from our Community

—Clayton Cook
Bearded Halloween Ideas from our Community

October is a special time of year. As the fall season begins to roll in, Halloween acts as an opening ceremony for the holiday season. Once a day reserved for children in costumes, trick or treating, and candy hangovers; the spooky night has now evolved into something for all ages. The final night of October is a time for us to dress up and be someone different for a change, so finding the perfect costume can be challenge. For the beardsman, we have the added challenge of incorporating our beards and I want to help!

Last week I published a YouTube video with my “Best Beard Costumes for Halloween 2016.” Making that video was a lot of fun and I still stand by the list, but I would be remised if we didn’t address the responses and suggestions the video received.

I’ve got my finger on the pulse!

I’m glad we could address what has been CloudMcLongfoot’s mind, but clearly I left some vital costume ideas off my list.

Vikings and Lumberjacks Reign Supreme



and some more (pardon the screen shots, but you get the gist.....)



Vikings and lumberjacks are fantastic! Some of the finest examples of beardsmen in the world. My list was clearly lacking these icons and the commenters let me know it! So grab a flannel shirt, get some horns on your helmet, drink some mead and toss around an axe. Why limit yourself to just a lumberjack or just a viking? I admire the beardsman that dresses as a LumberViking this Halloween.

Santa Come Early

Ol’ Saint Nick may already have Christmas on lockdown, but that doesn’t mean he can't appreciate a little Halloween himself! Maybe the friendliest and most widely known beardsman in the world, Santa Claus is wonderful option for any beardsman, especially those rocking a white beard and a round belly. So consider the red suit and rally some friends to dress as a reindeer and elf support staff.

High Heels and a Purse

Maybe you have always wanted to know the comfort of a sundress or maybe you have always dreamed of running away with the circus? Scott Allen nailed it last year with his bearded lady costume! You are already rocking the beard, so now it’s time to raid a lady friend’s closet and make a statement this October.

Fish Sticks are my Favorite

I spent a good amount of my childhood eating fish sticks and the Gorton’s Fisherman was always a sign of quality. Thanks to Tattooed Ant for this great suggestion. Simple, friendly, and fun, this costume will be a hit at any party!

If All Else Fails…

Dress up as one of the two best beardsmen around! Maybe you went as a viking last year and you were a lumberjack the year before. Your other bearded buddies already called dibs on Jedis and Santa and everything else. No worries! Dress up as one of your favorite personalities from Beardbrand. Shoot, you could even dress up like me!

Here's the original video where I gave some ideas for this Halloween - you can also check out Eric's from last year here. Between all this info you should be all set to pick your favorite!

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