Beards: Fad or Here For Good?

I see it. We all have to put up with it on a daily basis. When I say “it” I am referring to those people who just do not understand what it means to be a beardsman. I’m talking about that person who still believes that completely shaven is the only acceptable grooming style for someone who is highly motivated and succeeding in the professional world. Well, those people are wrong, and our bearded community has begun to catch the attention of a larger audience.

I was watching TV the other night when the new E-Trade commercial starring Kevin Spacey (yeah we all know you are a liar, Keyser Soze) came across the screen. In this commercial, a woman is walking down the street and notices the amazing beards on the men walking through this same shopping area. The inner voice of a Type-E personality suddenly appears and starts to whisper in her ear about being able to spot the “trends reaching critical mass.” Oh no, you did not just go there, Congressman Underwood (admit it, we all watch House Of Cards). Of all the perceived current fads (here’s looking at you skinny jeans), how dare they mock the bearded revolution? For shame!

While E-Trade may have poked fun at us by referring to facial hair as a trend, they did acknowledge the incredible advancements we have made in our bearded community by showing well-groomed and stylish beadsmen. Yes, they may or may not understand the inspiration behind our man manes, but it says something positive that they took the time to recognize us. People can wait for this “trend” to go away all they want, but our brotherhood will only continue to grow and thrive. It is our determination and our passions that will continue to build the bearded majority (along with our glorious facial hair) and further the fashionable progress of our timeless look.

About the Author:

Thomas has been married to his amazing wife, Andrea, since 2010. They have a tough and beautiful daughter, Peyton, along with a mentally unstable cat and dog. He loves professional sports teams from Atlanta, 1980’s horror movies and watching whatever his daughter tells him to watch. Follow or shoot him a message on Twitter @bandholz


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