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It’s Monday and it’s time for another episode from the Urban Beardsman Podcast! Today Eric and Clayton are talking traveling the globe, and some of their favorite places to visit.

Hear Clayton discuss his trip to Spain when he was in high school, his time in Canada, and his cross-country road trip from New York to Los Angeles .

Eric talks about his first international trip to Bermuda during spring break in college, his time in Tokyo that opened up his mind to traveling the globe and experiencing new cultures, and what it was like to visit less touristy areas of India.

The guys discuss the fundamental differences between American culture and cultures from around the world, their favorite cuisines, why they don’t consider resorts to be true international travel, and the weirdest things they’ve eaten while abroad. Listen now to hear Eric and Clayton’s travel stories, and don’t forget to check out a new podcast episode every Monday!


The Urban Beardsman Podcast is a show bringing listeners strategies on how to improve their lives. We cover a broad range of topics from style to travel; entertainment and more. Hear a new episode every Monday on iTunes and Soundcloud.

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