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Beardsmen and the World of BBQ

Summer is right around the corner, and in honor of that, today’s Urban Beardsman Podcast episode sees Eric and Clayton talking all things BBQ.

Clayton explains that Texas barbecue is quite different than barbecue in other parts of the country, as it is primarily beef-centric. This is borne out of the fact that Texas’ agricultural environment is comprised of wide open spaces that lend themselves to raising cattle. But it also comes from the fact that parts of central Texas were settled by Czech and German populations who would set up meat markets in small towns throughout Texas, and to make extra money would smoke leftover meats and sell them in the evening.

Eric talks about growing up in South Carolina and the variety of ways to cook barbecue in that region, discussing tomato based versus mustard based sauces, and how mustard based sauces take time to get accustomed to, but end up being an awesome barbecue experience.

The guys also discuss the confusion that sometimes comes with some people using the term “barbecue” to describe the act of grilling as opposed to actual barbecue food, barbecue pits and cooking techniques, and how to avoid bad barbecue. Listen now to learn more about barbecue from around the country!


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