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Today it’s all about beardsmen styles and trends, and Eric says that he’s toying with the idea of rocking a beardstache in the near future, and Clayton claims that his beardstache inspiration comes from the movie Tombstone, and Tom Selleck. The guys also discuss haircuts, as well as hair loss, Rogaine, and the best hair styles for the balding man.

Eric hypothesizes about the future trends in men’s hairstyles, saying that hairstyles have come full circle with men rocking hard parts, tight fades, and styles from era’s gone by. Where does he think the trends are headed? His personal opinion – an updated version of the mullet. While he doesn’t expect it to end up in full-on 80’s throwback, he does think that the mullet 2.0 will see its rise, and he is currently growing his hair out in such a fashion.

Clayton and Eric also touch on beard styles, explaining that beard styles are a great way to change up your image, and encourage beardsmen to try new styles and see how different types of beards work with your image.

Clayton also talks about Norm-Core style – essentially dressing down in a more throwback 90’s style with acid-wash jeans, Oxford shirts, and taking a very minimal approach to fashion, and Eric discusses various types of fits for clothing and how the preferred styles might change as time goes on.

Check out today’s podcast to hear the guys discuss more about changing trends in clothes, hair, beards, and more!


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