Best Beard Comebacks

Urban Beardsman

Do you get the same old questions and comments about your beard? Well take notes, gentlemen – Eric is here to give you the best comebacks to the most common beard questions.

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  • Hey eric,how r u?i need a good beard comeback man!i am growing beard for almost 2 years now and i am so annoyed with people asking me “why do u have a beard?”(what kind of a question is that?)then some people make fun of me,like they would say i look like a taliban,i look like this,i look like that!for fucks sake man,i am so fucking annoyed!it doesn’t matter that much if these comments come from a person who i meet once in a month,but the people you hangout with daily if they start commenting these on a regular basis,it’s so hard to keep calm!and i don’t want to be rude to anybody,but they should also help me here!btw,love your beard and beardtips man

    Tanvir on

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