Best Beard Oil

—Eric Bandholz
Best Beard Oil

This is a 100% biased review, but Beardbrand beard oil is the best beard oil on the market – no doubt about it. Let me go into a little detail as to what makes our beard oils the best and why you should care.

The Ingredients – Part 1

It’s easy to do “good enough” in the world of beard oils, but there can only be one “best.” With a beard oil (or any product for that matter) it all comes down to ingredients. You have two camps – the natural ingredients and the mass produced ingredients.

I could go on a long philosophical discussion about what’s natural and what’s not, but I’ll leave that to another conversation. Pretty much in my opinion everything is natural, because it all comes from earth – somethings are just more processed than others. With a natural beard oil, you’ll be dealing with ingredients that are less processed than your mass produced ingredients.

The mass produced beard oils are going to gravitate toward using silicones as primary ingredients over real oils. You can check the label and look for things that end in “xane” or “cone.” While, studies have shown these products to be acceptable for cosmetic use, they have a downside. The silicone will wrap around the hair to give that nice silky texture, but it won’t come off. The only way to get it off is by using a harsher soap that contains more intense ingredients.

So you begin this cycle where you HAVE to use a shampoo which will dry out the skin to remove the product and then you HAVE to use the silicone based product to make your beard feel smooth again. The human skin has been functioning nicely for hundreds of thousands of years, and we shouldn’t be messing around too much with that formula. Using natural beard oils will help enhance the skin & beard, rather than disrupt the natural oils your skin generates.

But, there are also downsides with natural ingredients, which other natural product companies glaze over. Because the ingredients are less processed, that leaves a lot of allergens in the oil. People are more likely to experience an allergic reaction to natural products and these reactions are generally skin irritations or a rash. In addition to that, because natural ingredients aren’t packed with preservatives, they will have a shorter shelf life.

When we formulated our beard oils, we looked at the advantages and disadvantages of both, and found that natural ingredients far outweigh the mass produced ingredients. We’ve developed multiple lines to take into consideration people’s allergies and have developed a sophisticated production process to get the most out of the natural ingredients.

The Ingredients – Part 2

Within the world of natural ingredients, there are tons to choose from. Many of them have a variety of properties and different price points. Some beard oils may perform great for a shorter beard, but as the beard gets longer it effects it differently. This is where Beardbrand has really nailed the blend. Our beard oils are great for any beard – from the two week to the two year beard. Take comfort in knowing you won’t need to switch up your product as your beard grows.

When formulating our ingredients, we didn’t take price into consideration, only the performance on the beards. Through market & scientific research, personal use, and looking at sales performance, we’ve found that jojoba oil is the best natural oil and should be used as the primary ingredient. Other natural oils are good, but simply put – they aren’t the best.

From there it’s working with other natural ingredients to come of with the optimal blend that will condition and hydrate the beard, but won’t leave your beard greasy or oily feeling. Pretty much, our oils take care of your skin and beard, but you won’t be feeling the oils, only the awesome affects of the oils.

The Scent

With beard oil, the second most important thing for consumers is the fragrance. Now, scent is a very personal thing and everyone has their own preferences for how the product will smell. We realize that, and that’s why we’ve developed four different blends using essential oils and one without any essential oils.

We’ve got fantastic smelling beard oils, but it’s hard to say we have the absolute best – because that comes down to your own personal preference. What I can say is that we’ve really nailed the intensity of the aroma.

When blending in essential oils to create the aroma, many other beard oils simply go a little too hog wild. A beard oil should be designed for you and those close to you. It is not a cologne. Think about how you may enjoy the scent of a deodorant, shampoo, or hair product. You want it to be there when you apply it, but you don’t want it smelling up the entire room. In addition, you don’t want them so overpowering that they compete with your cologne.

Beardbrand beard oils are lightly scented, and give you that pop when you put it on, but throughout the day blend in to the beard so you have a very subtle, personal scent. They are also complex, uniquely blended, and widely different.

The Company

Finally, you should look into the company you are supporting. Are they a large soulless organization just looking to profit, or are they a passionate about the products they are making?

I’ve been writing about beards since 2011, and love the bearded lifestyle. I’ve attended beard competitions all around the nation, written about beard care, and created several beard care videos on my YouTube channel. We’ve inspired many men to grow a beard and have the confidence to back it up. We are trying to change the way society views beardsmen.

In addition to that, we aren’t a fly by night beard oil company. We’ve been around the block for a while and processed over 15,000 orders to over 60 countries. We have two fulfillment centers, one in Spokane, WA and another in Belfast, UK. We’ve got four full time team members and many other business partners who help ensure our products are sent out on time and made the to the highest quality standards.

You’ll know that when you need to reorder, we’ll still be around with the same great products, and maybe a few new ones. We live, eat, sleep, and breathe the bearded lifestyle. If you don’t love your beard oil, let us know and we’ll take care of you.

TL;DR – Beardbrand makes the best beard oil because we have unwavering expectations for quality ingredients and processes, and live the bearded lifestyle.

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