Best Beard Oils for 2017

New year, New Beards

2017 is well underway, and from the look of things, it appears it is going to be a better year than the previous (or is it).

In previous articles I have discussed some of the Beardbrand products and their recommended uses. If you're new to the bearded lifestyle, and have no clue what beard oil is, head on over to "What is Beard Oil, and How is it Applied."

If you don't have a minute to spare, here is a quick summary of what exactly beard oil is, and what purpose it serves.

"You can think of beard oil as a leave-in conditioner for your beard and skin. Beard oil compounds are typically mixtures of jojoba, argan, and castor oil. Some beard oil producers put all natural fruit oil extracts into the mix like avocado and pomegranate.

When applied properly, beard oil will keep the skin under your beard properly moisturized so you won't experience the infamous beard dandruff. For first time growers, beard oil will also sooth the itch that comes along in the first few weeks of growth." 

Now you're well learned on the product, and all of the great benefits it provides to your beard. So now you're probably thinking what fragrances might tickle your interest. Well you're in luck! You can head on over to the "Beardbrand Fragrance Guide" to get a better idea of the oil aromas. 

Finally, you have decided you definitely want to try some beard oil, and you know which fragrances sound inviting. However, you might have sensitive skin, or excessively oily skin. So are there certain oils that are better for your particular type of skin or preference? Absolutely!  

I have compiled reviews from both customers and team members to find out which oils are best for special situations. 

Oil Reviews

Sensitive Skin -- Although we formulate our products to work with the natural chemical makeup of your skin, some skin types may be irritated by certain ingredients. Blank Slate was created without any nut based ingredients or scented essential oils. If you skin is prone to allergic reaction, definitely give Blank Slate a try before experimenting with other fragrances. Spiced Citrus, Tree Ranger, and Old Money pose a higher allergen risk and are recommended for people that do not have sensitive skin. 

Dry Skin -- If you experience beard dandruff or beardruff, you definitely need some oil. Depending on the severity of dryness, Beardbrand Utility Balm might be the route to take. If you're set on the oil, that's fine too! Our gold-line fragrances have been formulated with the highest quality blend of carrier and essential oils.

The complex ingredients provide a longer lasting moisturizer for your beard and skin. Customers have told us Old Money is an excellent choice for dry skin types. The oil compound is designed to release a stronger aroma, which in turn demands the oil be a bit heavier and longer lasting. This will do wonders for your beard and skin. 

Oily Skin -- On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are plenty of guys out there that hesitate to put any oil on their face at all. Beardbrand beard oils give a naturally light layer of moisturizer to the beard and skin without suffocating your pores.

Even for the oiliest of skin types, beard oil will benefit your beards appearance and texture. Urban Garden of the white-line or Tea Tree of the silver-line are both excellent choices for men with hyperactive oil glands.

These oil fragrances are light and refreshing. Just a couple drops and your beard will be filling refreshed and hydrated. Tea Tree also provides a crisp, cooling sensation when first applied. Perfect for oily skin types.

Big Mustaches --  If you're rocking a gnarly big 'stache, awesome! With that mustache comes a lot of product questions. Since you left your mustache free to grow, this probably means you like to style it.

Believe it or not, even mustaches need beard oil. You also might be pairing it with some mustache wax, which is why it's important to consider the oil you'll be using. Considering the 'stache is directly under your nose, you're going to be smelling whichever fragrance you choose for a long time. You want to pick an oil that's not overwhelming.

Temple Smoke and Lumber Yard are great choices for the mustache. Both have accompanying mustache waxes that will leave your 'stache styled and smelling as awesome as it looks.

Gift Giving -- Good news, if you have considered giving the beardsman in your life some oil as a gift, hats off to you. We know it can be tricky business. You don't want to let them in on the surprise, but you also have no idea which fragrance they might like. Tree Ranger is our most popular fragrance with the most reviews.

With that being said, Beardbrand offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. So even if he hates the oil (which is highly unlikely), you can always return the products or swap them out with something else free of charge.

The Minimalist Beard -- For the beardsmen who like to keep the grooming products on their face discrete and inconspicuous, we have just what you need. Four Vices is an extremely subtle, yet effective oil.

The name is derived from the ingredients inside. Coffee, hemp cannabis, tobacco, and hops create an earthy aroma that doesn't linger. Blank Slate is also a great option if you prefer to just go fragrance free. 

Seasonal Oils 

Winter -- If you're planning on growing a beard around the holiday season, you might consider Spiced Citrus. This unique fragrance is hard not to love, and will keep that face warm and cozy. The perfect blend of grapefruit, cloves, and a hint of vanilla will make you crave a stout glass of eggnog and a nicely lit fire place. For the outdoorsmen and adventurers, Tree Ranger beard oil is also a great choice during the colder months. 

Spring--  As the snow melts and the ground comes back to life, it's time to change up your routine. With the temperatures rising, you'll want to wear a lighter oil. Urban Garden is a popular choice during the this time of the year. The light, refreshing fragrance was formulated with blooming flowers in mind. Urban garden will leave you feeling clean and crisp, and won't weigh your beard down. 

Temple Smoke is another popular Spring time beard oil fragrance. Hints of vanilla make going out for a mid afternoon outing more enjoyable than ever. Similar to Urban Garden, Temple Smoke is a light formula that won't feel too heavy on your face.  

Summer -- Bring on that scorching summer heat. Especially down here in Texas. It's no secret that you'll be sweating your a** off in no time under the sun. This doesn't mean you shouldn't apply some beard oil. Pick up some Tea Tree beard oil for those 100 degree months. This oil will provide a mild cooling effect on your skin when your beard is grazed by the warm air. The fragrance is crisp and refreshing, and pairs well with shorts and a t-shirt. 

For the working beardsmen who visit Home Depot on a regular basis, you're in luck! Now you can wear that scent on your beard. Lumber yard beard oil protects your beard and skin from those hot work days. When you've finished the job and cracked open a cold one, you can relax and continue smelling the sweet cedar aroma of your workshop, even when you're planted on the sofa.

Fall -- When the leaves start changing colors, so does your beard oil. Now that you've hung up all the summer attire, it's time for denim and leather. Old Money and Four Vices can be dressed up or down for the occasion. Both fragrances afford you with an unique aroma like no other. The consistency of the gold line oils also give your beard that little extra shine. 


These are a handful of situations that customers come to us for with product questions. If you have any questions about our oils or any other products we offer, don't hesitate to ask!  



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