Best Beard Styles for Different Face Shapes

—Urban Beardsman

How do you find just the right beard style for your face? Fear not, beardsmen – Clayton is here to help, and it’s all about understanding your face shape.

For you with a round face, like Clayton, you want something neat and trimmed with a little less bulk on the cheeks, as that will make you face seem heavier and even rounder. Taking down some of the bulk will give your face a slimmer and more angular look, and will add definition to the rounded edges of your chin and jaw.

Square faces, listen up! Shorter cropped beards and scruff are perfect for you, as it will help showcase your square jaw. But if you want to soften your jawline a bit, you Superman looking son of a gun you, bring some bulk to the chin and the jaw area to round off the sharper angles of your face.

Triangle faces, let it grow. Give it some length around the jaw and chin – this will give you a more square, angular look and hide the more pointed and tapered shape of your jawline.

Oval faces, you guys have it easy. This one is considered the ideal face shape – you can do pretty much whatever you please, so experiment and find what you dig most.

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