Best Way to Trim a Medium Beard | Barbershop Series

—Emily Wylie

The plan

Back at Cut and Grind and Jay is in the chair for a Beard Shape up. After two months you can see that his beard is starting to curl out a bit. Master Barber Jason Ecks plans to use that growth to accentuate some more fullness for this medium length beard. Jason wants to take up the neck just enough for a slightly different angle near the jaw.

The Stache 

A trim on the stache to keep his clients meals as beard free as possible. The chin, still short will be left alone for something to grab on to and just a minor graduated trim on the cheeks followed by a straight razor clean up above the cheekbones gives a natural look with a fairly substantial angle change will finish off this beard shape up for Jay.

The Product Solution 

The left cheek hairs kick out a bit so while it's still growing in the solution is to train it down with Beardbrand Styling Balm. Happy days!