BREAKING NEWS: Beards Are Awesome & Here’s Why

—Urban Beardsman

It seems like every day now we’re seeing more and more stories declaring that we’ve reached “peak beard” or that “beards are over” or that “beards make babies cry” (quite the contrary actually, shaving makes babies cry), or any other kinds of tomfoolery that we beardsmen simply roll our eyes at. We get it; the internet has thoughts and feelings and opinions, congratulations. For those of us who identify as beardsmen though, we know that trends will come and go, but our ideals and sense of identity continue on. So rather than try to combat others’ think-pieces on why “beards are bad for the environment,” let’s talk about one simple truth: why beards are awesome.

Beards Keep You Warm

Isn’t evolution great? Our faces were cold and so, we grew beards. Simple as that. For many beardsmen, their first significant beards come about as a response to the winter weather and then – after experiencing the glory of the bearded life – these new-found protectorates for the elements stick around for the long haul. Whether it be wind, rain, or snow, beards are extremely efficient at keeping your face warm. And if you strive to make the most of your days, even during the winter, having a beard is the best thing you can do to ensure you’re able to make the most of the long, cold stretch of January and February.

Beards Are Natural

Here are our steps for growing a beard:

Step 1 – Don’t Shave
Step 2 – Yes

If you simply let nature do as it will, you’ll end up with some kind of facial hair. We’re not saying that everyone is going to be able to grow a massive hero beard, but the majority of guys will grow some kind of man mane if they simply let their genetics do as they’re programmed to. Sam Beam, the man behind Iron & Wine and one of the guys responsible for bringing epic beards back into frame within the contemporary music world, was once told that his beard was fascinating. His response? “Really? What’s fascinating about facial hair? It’s more fascinating that people shave it off every day.” Amen, brother. Amen.

Beards Have Many Health Benefits

Here are some facts to chew on: beards help prevent skin cancer, beards help prevent skin aging, and beards help reduce allergy symptoms. These are all good things. For as much wonderment and wizardry as there is surrounding beards, when it comes down to it, beards simply exist as a means of protection: against the elements, against death, and against the world. There are all sorts of mental benefits too involving self-confidence and your appeal to mates just to name a few, but ensuring that you always feel your best is one of your beard’s truly hidden talents.

Beards Allow You To Express Yourself

Much like how you choose to dress or your choice of hairstyle, having a beard allows you to express yourself to others without having to utter a word. Whether it’s through a corporate beard or a yeard or an excellent set of chops, facial hair announces your presence in a uniquely masculine fashion – something that we’re all seeking in one form or another. The entirety of your face might be less visible, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be any less expressive. Grow forth and show the people you surround yourself with who you truly are.

Look, we can all admit that many beardsmen only first gave growing out their beards a try after they noticed other gents doing the same. It’s undeniable; the rise of the modern beard was and continues to be contagious. However, as more reports come out explaining “the end of beards as we know it,” that doesn’t mean that beards are going to disappear. Quite the contrary actually. Now that so many beardsmen have found the satisfaction of having a beard, fewer guys will even pay attention to these anti-beard reports. They’ll simply continue on, enjoying the lifestyle and look they’ve chosen for themselves. And to that all we can say is – beard on.

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