From Bushy To Well Groomed

—Parker Mallouf

Jay from Cut and Grind is turning his clients beard from big and bushy to  tight and well groomed. He wants to keep the weight of the beard and the length of the "tache. The clients beard is a bit thin.

Although there are no visible patches, you can see right through it. Jay recommends trimming the longer wiry hairs to make it appear thicker. This allows the thinner, slower growing hairs to catch up with the denser bottom hairs.

Jay begins his trim by putting a baseline at the bottom of the beard with his scissors. Since the beard is thinner, it's easy to locate where the beard hairs begin to thin out. He then pulls the beard over the ears and trims it down with his clippers.

The initial shape of the beard is quite square. To better compliment the shape of the clients head, Jay decides to take the corners down to give his beard a natural round shape. The clients mustache is trimmed up just a tad to clean up the "genie's boot."

To finish up, Jay applies some Spiced Citrus Styling Balm to hold the beard and mustache in place. He then applies Beardbrand Sea Salt Spray to his hair to add volume and texture. 


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