Classic Side-Part Haircut for Receding Temples and High Hairlines

—Josh Lawson

Dave is at the Gentleman & Rogues club to get his hair cut by the best. He wants to get the side and backs faded down to a 1.5 guard. Darren starts with a 2 in order to get some of the weight away from the sides. It takes a lot of the work out of the final cut but gives an initial shape that easy to follow. He then takes a comb and uses the trimmers to help get the weight line and the area above it ready to be blended later.

Then he takes a 1.5 in at the bottom and works his way up, and flicks it out at the weight line. It's not a fade, just a short men's haircut. Since Dave's neck hair grows up and around, Darren changes the angle he's trimming at to make sure he doesn't miss any bits. After that, he switches to a scissor over comb to blend the hair and working his way to the back of the head. Darren cuts it dry so that he can see the shape of the hair as he continues to cut.

It's a really classic haircut. Special Dave's short man's haircut. People have been wearing their hair like this for generations. Although this haircut is pretty standard, you really use all types of different techniques to get it right. He's then taking his hair section by section and blending it in. He follows the line the hair makes and gives it an angle (longer in the front, shorter in the back). Then at the back, he wets the hair and takes some the weight out. He doesn't really move his position, just moves the comb in the direction the hair grows and continues to cut with his scissors.

Darren wants to leave some of the weight so his hair can have a nice part. He keeps the length on top so it'll lay over the crown, and just makes a few cuts to make it nice and tidy. If he cuts the crown too short, it'll just stand up straight, so he has to be pretty careful.

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