Coloring Your Grey Beard

Greg is here for Beardbrand again, and this week he is going to... turn... back... time.

Greg's pretty known for his grey and white beard - it's his signature look and distinguishes him from other Youtube personalities. He's always been curious, though - what if he had a darker beard? He admits that when he was younger he was unable to grow a beard, so having a full beard that isn't grey and white is a foreign concept to him personally.

Today, we turn back the clock to see what Greg would've looked like if he could grow a beard "back then".

Greg starts out with a temporary semi-transparent gel that'll dye his beard and hair darker. The gel alone, however, isn't enough to cover the strongest white tones in his beard. He uses this gel on the salt and pepper portions of his damp beard, mustache, and hair. After a quick comb through, his hair looks markedly darker from the gel.

Greg applies the product to his comb in order to work it through the mustache. Again, this gel does not provide full coverage to the stronger whites in his beard, so he applies a temporary hair dye that is intended for touching up roots to the rest of his beard.

The final result is staggering - Greg's dark beard and hair are quite the contrast to his typical white and silver look. What did you think? Would you dye your beard?





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