Creating the Perfect Loose Curl Handle Bar Mustache with Greg Berzinsky

—Josh Lawson

Today Greg Berzinsky shows us how to style a loose curl handlebar mustache using our Temple Smoke Mustache Wax, a hair dryer, and a half inch round brush. After you are done styling your beard make sure your beard is still wet, use the brush to roll the hair under while pulling it in the direction of the curl. Part of it is practice, but some of it is just the way your hair grows. If your hair grows toward the middle, you'll want to use the hair dryer to push the hair outward for both branches of your mustache.

Now you have the general shape of a loose handlebar 'stache, so we can move on the curl. You'll now want to use the brush to go over your hairs and curl up on the ends, using the hair dryer as needed. As you are rolling up you'll also want to pull out to get the curls going in the direction you want them to go.

You can leave your mustache as is. You've created a wave set using a round brush and hair dryer to achieve a natural curl. Not everyone hair grows that way though. Some grow straight down, so that was all to get it going in the right direction before we moved on. We're gonna take it a step further, and solidify the shape, by using Temple Smoke Mustache Wax. The scent isn't overbearing and it's a great smell to have underneath your nose as the day goes on.

Next, you'll want to heat up the wax using the hair dryer and apply it directly to your mustache. A liberal amount on the curl, and underside of the mustache, and a little bit on top will ensure it all stays in place and keeps its shape. If you want to put your curls in a certain direction, you can use a comb.

The wax will dry, set, and leave you with loose curls on a handlebar mustache. The whole process is usually pretty quick, but you can play around with balance and symmetry to achieve the look you want. You even go to a longhorn style or have a tighter curl by pulling on your ends, or holding it in place and setting it using a hair dryer, respectively.

The curls don't always have to be equal, sometimes it's nice to just leave them a little off-center. But if you're going out of the night, want to make a statement, or are competing, then a little candle wax or Elmer's glue can help get them into perfect curls.

As always, it's easier to watch something than reading this description. It's only 6 minutes long and gives a timeless styling option.

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