Cutting Down on the Bulk of Your Hair With a Simple, yet Classic Haircut

Have you ever passed by a place every day on your way to work or on your way home and contemplated going in? Well, that's exactly what Alan did today. He works down the street from Gentleman & Rogues Club, so he came by to get his hair cut! Today is even his birthday! He wants a grade 1 fade and wants to slick back his hair on top. So Charlie is gonna fade the sides pretty high to the temple, and take out a bunch of the thickness on top. Alan really wants to keep the quiff, and just make it shorter and tighter.

Charlie sectioned off all the hair on top so he can see what he's doing to the sides, then fires up his clippers. He doesn't have a parting so he has to take his clipper right to the temple and just fade the way up. As usual, he dips down around the occipital bone when going around the back. Once he's halfway done, he switches to the other side and meets back in the middle. Then he takes a no guard and a comb to help create the fade and remove the bulk. If your barber does this technique and the line doesn't go away, just use a fine tooth comb.

Next is scissor over comb around the back and sides of the cut. Then Charlie then wets the hair and combs it forward. He connects them cutting the length between the two shortest points and pointcuts it to add some texture as well. He changed the angle of combing to cut the fringe at the same angle the sides are at. Point cutting is done on the top to add some texture and takes a bunch of the weight out. Sea Salt Spray is the final touch for Alan's cut and style. It gives a slight bit of hold and texture while maintaining the overall look. Then he uses thinning shears around the back near where the top meets the sides. Detailers to get the small hairs, then some matte clay back up top, and he's fresh to death!




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