Cutting Your Hair and Trimming Your Beard When Wanting to Grow it Out

—Josh Lawson

Pablo is a graphic designer from Spain in at Cut & Grind to get his beard fixed and hair cut by Mazie. He wants to keep the same kind of style on top, but take it a bit shorter. He also wants to keep his beard in a square shape and tidied it all up. Mazie is going to sharpen up his cheeks and help keep his mustache out of his mouth. To give this all to him, she will taper in the sides, then take some of the weight off the bottom and the lip. For the hair, he wants a 0.5 on the sides and some texture on top.

She spins him around so she can see better and begins to comb his beard. it's a gentle motion down and back, then she takes clippers over the comb to get rid of some of the edges. They don't want to take much length off, so this is more of a tidy up cut. It's always better to just comb the sides out rather than hold them down. That way you get a better look at what the final cut will look like.

They are gonna have to take some of it off the lip because it looks like there are a few flyaways that drop down onto his lip when it's all combed to the side. She combs the mustache down then holds it with her fingers and cuts the bits that stick out. For the length of the beard, Pablo still wants to keep most of the length but isn't upset about getting rid of some. Mazie blow drys the hair down and brushes it, that way the hair lays flat and makes it easier to cut and easier to see the length and shape.

She freehands a trimmer to maintain the shape and just takes off the ends. For the cheeks, Mazie pulls out the detailer and creates the shape and sharp line that Pablo wanted. Then goes back over it with a cut-throat razor to get all the little hairs. After finishing the beard trim, she pops a hot towel on him to open his pores to better absorb the beard oil and remove all the little hairs that they shaved off.

On top, they just want to take off some of the weight. Pablo likes to wear it quite messy and his hair has a bit of a wave to it, so why not work with that. Mazie takes the 0.5 up to about his temples, then uses a 2.5 for the weight line he already has. She combs the top out of the way and just flicks away at that line. They want to blend those areas now, so she takes a 1 and flicks at it again. The detailers come out again to sharpen up around the ear and the back of the neck. To blend the sides with the top, Mazie takes the shortest points on cuts the hair in between. She also adds more texture to it by doing some point cutting. Lastly, she takes more weight out of it by taking a thinning razor through it while also running a comb to guide the hair.

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