Daily Beard and Skin Routine

—Urban Beardsman

Today, Eric is going over his personal skin and beard care routine to show you how he stays squeaky clean and super sharp all day, every day.

First step in his daily routine is hitting the shower and keeping his beard clean with some Beardbrand beard wash and softener in conjunction with a Clarisonic for deep exfoliating and cleaning. He uses wash and softener on average two to three times per week, but says when the heat is on during the summer months he does sometimes up the frequency to battle the sweat and humidity.

Remember – wash and softener, like shampoo and conditioner, and imperative for keeping your hair clean and healthy. But overdoing it can lead to your hair being stripped of its natural oils, and will leave it dry and brittle – giving yourself a day or two between washes goes a long way in helping keep your hair healthy.

After the shower, Eric pat-dries his beard and uses a beard balm or beard oil to keep his beard soft, hydrated, and conditioned. But it doesn’t stop there – while a great beard goes a long way in protecting your face from harmful UV rays, remember that the other two thirds of your face is still exposed to the elements. Good skincare helps keep your exposed skin looking healthy and young. What does Eric recommend? He digs the Tiege Hanley skincare line from Aaron Marino aka Alpha M – it’s a monthly low-cost subscription service that offers three levels of varying intensity. With eye creams to crows feet, and moisturizers to battle wrinkles and fine lines, Eric says the Tiege Hanley system is powerful and easy to use – each shipment is built to last one month, and instructions lay out exactly how and when to use each product. Could it be any easier?

Taking care of your beard, skin, hair, and body is an ever-evolving process, and it’s important to do your research and find what works best for you!

Want to try Tiege Hanley skin care? Visit tiege.com and use the discount code beardbrand5 for $5 off your first order! Offer valid through 11/2016